Economic insights for water and agriculture

Economic insights for water and agriculture

Economic Insights for


Landowners, farm companies, and ag associations.

Finance & Investors

Lenders and investors for agriculture and water.

Water Management

Federal, state, and local water managers and agriculture.

Legal Support

Attorneys and their clients on legal and regulatory matters.

Why We Exist

We develop rigorous, data-driven economic insights to support decision-making in the agricultural and water industries.

At ERA Economics, we improve the agricultural economy’s resilience to drought and water scarcity, new environmental and water regulations, and uncertainties from a changing climate.

Our primary areas of expertise include: agricultural economics; water resources economics; agri-environmental policy / regulations; economic impact analyses and forecasting; mathematical modeling; water risk and water supply valuation; and water market development.

Equipping policymakers with economic insights

ERA Economics provides technical support to inform policymakers in the most cost-effective policy design for agriculture and water. We have supported the development of Groundwater Sustainability Plans across California, as well as benefit-cost analyses, rulemaking, and financial feasibility and planning.

Economic consulting for agriculture

Preparing for an uncertain future with actionable insights

ERA Economics’ state-of-the art, proprietary economic modeling, combined with our professional expertise, helps our clients evaluate and prepare for a range of scenarios: regulatory impact analysis, supply chain shocks, and water shortage impacts.

We further support our clients with water asset valuation, commodity supply and demand forecasting, and commodity market assessments.

Quantifying water risks—in dollars and sense

Stay tuned! We are developing an exciting suite of products that will assist our agricultural clients understand and quantify economic risks related to water and climate change, regulatory impacts, and supply chain and other input shocks.

Drop us a line if you are interested in becoming a beta customer.

Agricultural Water Valuation

Legal positioning from sound economic principles

ERA Economics provides strategic advice and technical economic support through expert research, analysis, and testimony. We have supported clients with regulatory issues, water rights adjudications, and other water and agricultural litigation.

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Economic insights for agriculture.

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