Services for Legal Support

We support clients throughout legal and regulatory proceedings with sound and court-tested advice, technical analysis, and expert testimony. Our technical team includes experts in data science and management, statistics, and economics.

For litigation matters, our team provides support over the entire cycle of a case by developing clear, concise, and timely economic analysis. For regulatory proceedings, we work closely with our clients to understand the public perception as well as technical aspects of the arguments, and provide data-driven economic analysis to support our conclusions.

Regulatory Issues

We develop economic analysis and support clients by informing the public about potential outcomes of proposed regulations, preparing technical content for hearings, and providing testimony. We work with our clients to prepare detailed economic analysis of potential economic costs and benefits that are presented in a clear and concise way, tailored to the specific audience.

Ag Order 4.0


GSP implementation is underway across the state’s groundwater subbasins. Policy and legal disputes over groundwater rights and accounting are grounded in groundwater allocation issues. Adjudication proceedings have already started in some subbasins. We work with clients to prepare economic analysis that supports evaluation of fair, reasonable, and equitable groundwater allocation strategies.

Reserved Water Rights

Our team is experienced in integrated engineering-economic analysis to support quantification of reserved water rights under the Practicably Irrigable Acreage standard. We work with interdisciplinary teams of experts to assess agricultural development feasibility.

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