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Urban stormwater runoff: Waste or resource?

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By Roger Mann and Stephen Hatchett, Senior Principal Economists Many persons have recently commented on water flowing through yards, streets, drains, and channels on to the ocean. They ask, rightfully,…

What is an Equilibrium Displacement Model?

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By Harry Ferdon, Economist Equilibrium Displacement Models 101: Measuring the Impact of Supply and Demand Shifts Often times, folks will consider the direct cost of an external policy/shock to an…

Multiplier Analysis

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By Harry Ferdon, Economist What Is a Multiplier Analysis and Why Is It Needed? When thinking about the full economic impact of an external factor, such as a new regulation…

Economic Impacts of SGMA on Dairies and Beef Cattle

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Dairy Cares and the California Cattle Council commissioned ERA Economics to prepare an assessment of the economic impact of SGMA on dairies and beef cattle in the San Joaquin Valley.…

Considerations and Regional Impacts of Water Cuts in the Lower Colorado River

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Last week's blog post “Minimizing Costs for Long-Term Lower Basin Demand Management” used a simple economic model to illustrate different ways of achieving a 2 million acre-feet (MAF) cut, and…

Lower Colorado River Basin: Managing Demand and Minimizing Long-Term Costs

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Our October 13 blog post “Rebalancing the Colorado River Basin: How Much Must Be Cut and What Will It Cost?” provided an overview of the water shortage in the Colorado…
Ag Order 4.0

The Impact of Rising Production Costs on Food Prices

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By Harry Ferdon, Economist The Central Coast produces a substantial share of vegetables for domestic and export markets. Industry cost pressures have been increasing over the last several years. Key…

Rebalancing the Colorado River Basin

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Rebalancing the Colorado River Basin: How Much Must Be Cut and What Will It Cost? The water shortage in the Colorado River Basin (CRB) is one of the biggest stories…

Groundwater Allocations: A Toolbox

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Richael Young here, senior economist at ERA Economics. I’ve learned a lot about groundwater allocations over the past decade, from studying them in grad school to developing software to help…

A Mammoth Announcement

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We are delighted to welcome Mammoth Water into the ERA Economics family. ERA Economics is delighted to announce that we have acquired Mammoth Water to expand our technology offerings and…
Groundwater Management

Groundwater Management

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What is groundwater? Welcome to our series on Water Risk Themes in the West. In this post, we explore how groundwater management affects agriculture in the western United States. Groundwater…

Demand Hardening

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Water Risk Themes in the West: Demand Hardening Welcome to our series on Water Risk Themes in the West. In this post, we explore how demand hardening affects agriculture in…
Agricultural Water Risk

Agricultural Water Risk

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What is Agricultural Water Risk? Agricultural water risk measures how changing water availability, cost, policies, regulations, climate, and market conditions affect farming and lending financial outcomes.  What Drives Agricultural Water…

Economic Feasibility Studies

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What are economic feasibility studies? ERA Economics works with state, federal, and local clients to conduct financial and economic feasibility studies of water supply projects and agricultural land development. Economic…

Economic Impact Analysis

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What is an economic impact analysis? Economic impact analysis is an assessment of the effects of a policy, regulation, or other industry shock on the affected industry and associated businesses…
Economic consulting for agriculture

Economic Consulting

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What is economic consulting? Economic consulting is a broad term in which expert economists help clients answer questions about projects, purchases, risk exposure and mitigation, and overall business strategy. Economic…

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