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We are delighted to welcome Mammoth Water into the ERA Economics family.

ERA Economics is delighted to announce that we have acquired Mammoth Water to expand our technology offerings and help our clients better manage for an uncertain future.

ERA Economics was founded on a commitment to applying rigorous economic analysis to help our clients in the water and agriculture industries. Over the last few years, we have seen severe drought, climate change, and the implementation of complex new laws and regulations affecting agriculture and water resources across the West. We believe that tackling these new challenges will require careful economic analysis, plus leveraging the most current advances in water technologies and software. For this reason, we are very excited about our partnership with Mammoth Water.

Mammoth Water brings deep experience in technology and software development for water resources management. Under Richael Young’s leadership, Mammoth developed the first smart markets for trading water. These have served as a foundational blueprint for burgeoning water markets in California, including in Fox Canyon and Rosedale Rio Bravo. Richael and the Mammoth team also developed TAPP H2O, a cost-effective water management software that is currently helping growers in Kansas track their groundwater use and allocations. Mammoth has also worked closely with clients in Washington, Arizona, and across the High Plains to support water market development and commercialization of water management software.

More important than Mammoth Water’s deep technical abilities, Richael Young and her team share the same core personal values as ERA: a commitment to protecting our natural resources and improving the agricultural economy’s resilience to drought and water scarcity, new environmental and water regulations, and uncertainties from a changing climate. This is reflected in a commitment to applying our range of professional abilities to enable our clients to make better-informed business and policy decisions. 

ERA team members have known the Mammoth Water team for many years. The acquisition emerged organically out of cooperative work on a range of joint projects. When the opportunity to formally welcome Mammoth into the ERA family emerged in late 2021, both firms jumped at the opportunity.

Looking forward, our clients can all expect the same personal touch, thoughtful analysis, and creative solutions that they have come to know and expect. In addition to supporting client projects, Richael will be leading product development at ERA Economics. Stay tuned and watch as we work to integrate Mammoth’s technology and team into our ERA family and expand our offerings for clients!