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Stewardship of water resources in the west is increasingly difficult with new rules, regulations, and policy direction requiring careful, adaptive management. Our team works with water managers to evaluate the costs and benefits of proposed projects, prepare feasibility assessments, and develop water management strategies that mesh with the economic drivers facing their stakeholders.

Our team members have worked on California water management for over three decades, supporting state, federal, and local agencies. We understand how economics integrates with engineering and science to support effective water management. Our team has extensive experience working with stakeholders and the public in the context of highly-scrutinized water policy decisions.

GSP Implementation

Stewardship of our groundwater is critical for protecting our agricultural industries in the future. We are proud of the work that our team has done to support GSP development in subbasins across the state. We continue to work with clients to support the next phase of GSP implementation, ensuring that planned projects are economically viable and meet their desired objectives. This includes preparing economic feasibility studies to support project implementation and developing conceptual water accounting frameworks to support subbasin financial planning.

Agricultural Water Risk


Our team has worked extensively with state agencies for rulemaking and regulation development. We understand the requirements for economic and fiscal analysis under the APA and have supported clients over the full rulemaking process, from Initial Statement of Reasons (ISOR) development to final submittal to OAL. We have prepared Standardized Regulatory Impact Assessment (SRIA), submittal Form DF-131, as well as economic and fiscal analysis required for Form STD-399, Fiscal and Economic Impact Statement. We understand the tight timelines that agencies face for rulemaking, and work with our clients to develop clear, concise, and timely economic and fiscal analysis.

SRIA Cannabis Cultivation

Feasibility Studies

We prepare traditional economic benefit-cost analyses to support project feasibility and impact studies, including consideration of multi-benefit projects that achieve habitat, ecosystem, and other water-related benefits. With current state and local investments, plus federal infrastructure funding, the need for these studies is increasing. We are well versed in Federal Feasibility Study Requirements under National Economic Development guidelines (P&G and the PR&G).

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