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What is economic consulting?

Economic consulting is a broad term in which expert economists help clients answer questions about projects, purchases, risk exposure and mitigation, and overall business strategy. Economic consulting can be applied to any number of industries, such as agriculture, climate, energy, health care, natural resources, technology, transportation, and more. Here at ERA Economics, we specialize in serving clients in the agricultural and water resources industries.

What does an economic consultant do?

Economic consulting is the application of economic research, methods, models, and data to answer complex questions and inform decision-making. ERA Economics specializes in economic consulting for agriculture and water. Our clients include lenders, investors, water managers, and agricultural entities, and law firms representing these groups. We prepare rigorous economic analysis to address our clients’ needs. This typically involves the application of optimization modeling, economic modeling, econometric analysis, and other statistical evaluations. Deliverables may include Benefit-Cost Analyses, Water Risk Reports, Regulatory Impact Assessments, Economic Impact Analysis, Economic Feasibility Studies, Farm Financials, and more. Our firm has worked extensively with clients and broader technical teams to prepare complicated economic analyses that are then explained in a simple, intuitive manner.

Why would I need an economic consultant?

Have you ever wondered:

  • Is this land or water purchase a good investment?
  • What’s the most cost-effective water supply project we could invest in?
  • What costs would the agricultural industry incur from a proposed regulation?

If so, you need an economic consultant. We can help you answer questions such as these in a way that’s backed by data and science. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you.

What are examples of economic consulting for agriculture and water?

Nothing quite beats seeing work in action, so we’ve compiled a sample of our portfolio for you to peruse. We’ve supported a range of public and private sector clients on project feasibility, regulatory impact, rulemaking, legal proceedings, and more. Please let us know how we can help you—drop us a line.


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